Bluescruisers - Barking Luke & The Gadget Bluesband:Blues Coup

Early 2004 Barking Luke & The Gadget Bluesband presented their first full CD to the world. Coming from our area in the western part of Holland, I must confess I'm a bit ashamed I never heard of their existence before although the band was around for some time. This CD witnesses a wide interest in bluesmusic in general and a particular ear for the blues as it was played in Chicago in the sixties of the last century.

Some of the songs could as well have been written by Junior Wells or the likes. Also some real nice bluestunes and even a little bluesrock to find on this excellent CD. This is about my first impression playing this disc. The songs are all original BL & TGB material and it is quite a feast for the ear hearing these guys play and support the raw voice of singer Luke. The band uses a wide variety of instruments. Next to bass & drums, there's guitars, harmonica, an organ and even a saxophone, and they're all used to produce a well filled swinging sound. The musicians one by one know how to handle their respective instruments and the group as a whole sounds very fresh. The voice af Barking Luke is yet another story. You have to hear him sing! No need for him to ruin his voice to sound genuine, no, it's just as it sounds: raw and full. Love it!The subjects of the songs are not much different from other bluessongs, but the way they play'm makes it all very much worthwhile listening. Just saw the band play live - early april 2004 - and I think you just got to see them perform too! Keep a close eye on their website, especially the agenda to find out where you can see this excellent band perform.